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Horizon Zero Dawn PC can be downloaded from our website.This game has not been officially been released on PC just for PS4, however, our team has successfully able to convert this game to PC.The game is really nice to play it has high-quality graphics with realistic view day and night changes weather changes from winter to summer.A team of 10 -15 were selected for making this game there were lots of trial and error while making this game.Ten stories were made from which 1 was selected which you can play in a game after you download.The main character of Horizon Zero Dawn PC is a girl name Alloy who is trapped in a machinery world you have to control alloy and kill the robot to get out from that artificial world.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC is a game that has already won two realistic game award on 2015 and 2016 and nominated for lots of other categories.The game is third person action role playing game.Gaming experience of this game is fantastic.You don't need a highly configured computer to run this game a decent graphic card and game is enough to run.Setting can be fixed according to your computer capability .